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Learn how we're making talent discovery faster, smarter, and more efficient with AI.

Your software-driven non-profit is shipping

Just a couple of months ago, we introduced the world to ViiviGPT, our attempt to fix talent matchmaking in Finland. Today, we're back with more stories, insights, and a peek into the future of Herizon and ViiviGPT.

Remember how we set out to tackle one of Finland's biggest challenges—bridging the gap between talented individuals from around the world and Finnish companies in dire need of their skills? With Viivi Marttinen's unparalleled expertise in talent matchmaking, we embarked on a journey to transform this process from a 24-hour ordeal to a matter of 24 seconds. The goal was simple: make talent matchmaking not just faster, but smarter and more efficient.

The Talent MVP is now out at Here are some juicy bits about what has been happening behind the curtain:

AI's role: more than just fast typing

Here's the thing about AI and programming: it's not just about doing things quickly; it's about doing them wisely. Our journey with ViiviGPT has shown us how AI can grasp the nuances of human skills and job requirements in ways that traditional methods can't touch. This isn't just about matching keywords; it's about understanding the context, the subtleties of experience, and the growth potential.

Imagine taking a spark of an idea to a fully functional tool in a matter of months by one full-stack developer. That's our story with ViiviGPT. Powered by the efficiency of AI development, we've created a system that reads between the lines, turning open-text competencies and job requests into successful matches. This level of efficiency and insight is what sets ViiviGPT apart.

Facing challenges head-on

Of course, no adventure is without its dragons. We discovered that importing PDFs was like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. But instead of giving up, we saw it as an opportunity to innovate. We're now developing our model to seamlessly import data from LinkedIn exports. This is what AI development is all about identifying challenges, and then coding our way to solutions. Maybe even a new mini revenue stream for Herizon ecosystem to fund our non-profit efforts? Who knows.

Why AI programming is a game changer

AI programming is fascinating because it's a blend of science, art, and a bit of magic - and I mean literal magic because no one might know what happens in the black box... Anyway, it's about creating something that learns, adapts, and ultimately, understands human needs in a way that traditional software can't. With ViiviGPT, we're not just making matches; we're creating connections that can enrich both individuals and the Finnish job market.

Join us on this journey

As we continue to refine ViiviGPT and explore new frontiers in AI, we invite you to be part of this exciting journey. Whether you're a talent looking to find your dream job or an employer seeking the perfect candidate, ViiviGPT is here to revolutionize the way we think about talent matchmaking.

Welcome to the next chapter in talent matchmaking, powered by Herizon and ViiviGPT. 👑