We decreased our talent matchmaking speed from 24 hours to 24 seconds: introducing ViiviGPT

We’re in the process of creating something special at Herizon – ViiviGPT.

We decreased our talent matchmaking speed from 24 hours to 24 seconds: introducing ViiviGPT

We’re in the process of creating something special at Herizon – ViiviGPT.

Finland faces a critical need to bolster its workforce with skilled international talent. The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (Etla) estimates that to sustain economic growth and innovation, Finland must achieve an annual net migration of about 44,000 people over the next decade.

This urgency highlights the crucial role of speed in talent matchmaking—a domain where Viivi Marttinen of Herizon excels. Standing out as possibly the Finland’s most efficient white-collar talent matcher, Viivi has transformed the recruitment process by ensuring matches within 24 hours, accompanied by a targeted three-bullet point summary of candidate qualifications that employers find highly valuable.

Pretty good, but we aim to be better.

Viivi’s expertise forms the foundation of our latest innovation, ViiviGPT, which aims to address both local and international talent challenges in the Finnish employment market, reducing our current matchmaking process from 24 hours to just 24 seconds.

From joke to genius: Scaling Viivi’s talent matchmaking prowess into ViiviGPT, because why clone when you can code?

Talent matchmaking is broken so we’ll fix it

Finland’s job market faces unique hurdles in attracting and integrating international talent, including navigating language barriers and recognizing diverse qualifications. ViiviGPT is designed to cut through these challenges, facilitating smoother transitions for international professionals and helping Finnish companies to harness global expertise.

The generic job platforms are often overwhelming, filled with complex CVs and job listings that don’t always align with the real needs of employers or the capabilities of job seekers. This disconnect leads to inefficient matchmaking and missed opportunities.

We’re developing ViiviGPT to address these issues head-on:

  • Employer inquiry: “Looking for a PowerBI expert?”
  • ViiviGPT’s early insights: It’s designed to sift through our network efficiently, identifying candidates by their actual skills and potential fit. For example:
    • Candidate 1: Experience in both data visualization/dashboard building with PowerBI and in preparation/cleaning. Originally a microbiologist, but became so enthusiastic about analytics during master’s studies that switched to data work full-time.
    • Candidate 2: Diverse analytics stack, including dashboarding with PowerBI. Experience in analytics across different business areas; HR, marketing, sales.
    • Candidate 3: 15+ years of experience with data, very broad expertise; dashboarding, database development, ETL integration development, data modeling, etc. Officially, the tech stack does not include PowerBI, but I don’t believe it would take the Candidate long to learn it. Long experience with Tableau.

As an MVP, ViiviGPT is still under development, but our goal is clear: to make talent matchmaking as efficient and effective as possible. We’re excited about the potential of ViiviGPT to transform the recruitment landscape by offering precise matches in record time.

Join us on the journey

As we fine-tune ViiviGPT, we’re excited about its potential to break down barriers for international talent in Finland, fostering a more diverse and dynamic workforce. This journey represents a step forward in making the Finnish job market more accessible and appealing to professionals from around the globe.

Are you navigating the complexities of recruiting international talent? Interested in how ViiviGPT can simplify and enhance your talent acquisition process? Reach out to us at Herizon. We’re keen to partner with you in leveraging ViiviGPT to meet your talent needs and contribute to a more inclusive and efficient employment ecosystem in Finland.