Herizon Impact Newsletter 5/2024

Here's our monthly review of what we've been cooking up the past few weeks! Grab an ice cream and enjoy the read.

Herizon Impact Newsletter 5/2024

842 individuals have been impacted in total
✔️ 96 new employed individuals in 2024
✔️ 156 new community members

⭐️ 334 employed individuals since we started

The most special time of the year is here: Finnish summer. While you might already be dipping your toes into the warm lake or trying a new ice cream flavor, our Impact Newsletter can keep you company for a small moment. 🤝

The summer kickoff: Our community picnic

Our annual community picnic took place a week ago! We enjoyed tarot readings, a bracelet-making spot, and delicious foods from different countries around the world. Most importantly, we had amazing, capable, and kind people connecting with each other.

Thank you to everyone who joined us, it was a blast! 💜

Supermetrics x Herizon

We had the joy of visiting Supermetrics — the go-to marketing analytics platform. We learned about their approach to measuring marketing efforts in an impactful way – what a dream session for marketers, data geeks, and data-curious people!

A big shoutout to Bartosz Schneider, Milja Nevalainen and Siiri Hakulinen from Supermetrics for making this happen. 💜

We also received some lovely feedback from our community members:

"Thank you so much for hosting us, these kind of events really mean a lot to communities like ours."
"I love the fact that organisers actually took time out of their busy schedules to welcome us in their premises and share insights. I felt very welcome by everyone and I thank everybody for that."

Want to host an event with us? Email viivi@herizon.io and let's make it happen!

In the last Impact Newsletter, we shared our exciting collaboration with Haaga-Helia, where our Growth Hacking Internship is now an official offering. The great news is that more schools have joined and have now their own Herizon Growth Hacking programs (we'll share which ones in the Fall) 😊.

To date, we have matched 58 students with 42 companies. In the photo, you can see a few of the companies that have partnered with us. Thank you so much for joining the program as clients! 💜

We also have two success stories out, you can read them here:
1. Arkiste: Exploring how to monetize the platform and what kind of advertisers could be attracted there.
2. Targenta: " I appreciate the agility and flexibility of this program." 

Product update: Job Application Assistant

Herizon's Job Application Assistant is now available for individuals at just €5 per month (one-time fee). This tool analyzes job ads and your application materials, providing personalized recommendations to boost your chances of success. It can even match Finnish job ads with your English application, breaking language barriers.

Special plans are available for the public sector, but now all job seekers can benefit from this tool. – All improvement feedback is welcomed!

Try it out here!

Our founder, Mari, has had a busy month. Here's the latest news, from keynotes to new employment.

Identity.vc, Europe’s first LGBTQ+ venture capital impact fund, has appointed Mari as their new Principal. Mari is known for her efforts in promoting diversity and inclusivity, making this a perfect match. Identity.vc also just secured €50 million in funding – huge congratulations on all the great news! 🏳️‍🌈🎉

"Wok€: Investing in Diversity for Tomorrow’s Returns" event at Epicenter Helsinki

Mari joined Joye Bayer on the stage at Epicenter to share insights on how progressive investment in diversity can yield substantial returns.  Thanks Joye, Epicenter and everyone who came to listen and chat. 

Herizon's Keynote at Illusian Family Office

Herizon had the honor of being part of Illusian's Philanthropy Breakfast, where Mari shared our non-profit journey. A key takeaway from her talk was the importance of continuous testing and iteration. We experiment with different ideas using minimal effort to see what works, we like to call ourselves the"A non-profit with a startup mindset."

For those struggling to secure funding, Mari faced 132 rejections before receiving one acceptance for our funding applications. Persistence is crucial. Just keep on going! 

Thank you, Illusian, for having us! 

🏳️‍🌈 Happy Pride Week,

Herizon team 

P.S. Do you want to support our mission to find jobs for 10 000 global talent in the Nordics? We just launched our sponsorship packages and we'd love to tell you more about them.

Email: Sofi@herizon.io and let's talk!