Herizon Impact Newsletter 2/2024

Welcome to read Herizon's Impact Newsletter.

Herizon Impact Newsletter 2/2024

We're on the bright side, right? Spring is arriving and more jobs are opening, which are two things we are obsessed with at Herizon.

As you probably already know, we're going to let you know what we've been cooking up lately, so let's start!

583 individuals have been impacted in total
✔️ 24 new employed individuals in 2024
✔️ 30 new community members

⭐️261 employed individuals since we started

Meet Herizon's new staffing chapter Fraction. 🎉

Despite the challenging market situation of today, we find that companies still have a strong desire to grow. Lucky for us, we have a community full of talented professionals who are eager to tackle a wide range of business challenges, and a team of experienced project and operational experts to support them.

We launched Herizon's take on staffing, and we've seen it work, through real results and growth from companies' side and individuals' side.

We help you and your company with additional expertise, helping to excel in a short-term project or a longer-term initiative.

Fraction is a staffing solution designed to connect businesses with a diverse, highly skilled pool of international talent. Specializing in flexible, transparent, and data-driven processes, Fraction helps companies find the perfect fit for various roles, enhancing their teams with global expertise.

If you're interested in hearing how the projects have been going, read about one of our cases for a Finnish startup that wanted to do a pilot in Sweden, and our brilliant consultant got them four pilot cases in two weeks (and one more on week three.)

Growth Hacking Internship arrives at Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences

We're kicking off this internship as a 15-credit practical training course soon at a local university of applied sciences. This program is a great fit for students studying business or IT near graduation.

The idea is simple: students do an internship, either full-time or part-time, for 2-3 months where they work on solving a company's growth challenge by trying out new ideas every week. We provide a video course and tasks, support through Slack groups, and help students find real companies to practice their skills. Our goal is not just to help students gain valuable experience they can talk about, like on LinkedIn, but also to open doors for them to stay and work at these companies.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting initiative, and if you're interested in joining or offering an internship spot, reach out to us!

University, are you interested in a growth hacking internship? Let Meri-Kaisla know: merikaisla@herizon.io

What do industrial companies operating in Finland think about diversity? How important is proficiency in the Finnish language?

👉 Read the answers to these and many other questions from our study, which aimed to identify possible barriers and opportunities for hiring international professionals in industrial companies.

Psst. The research is coming in English soon as well and we'll announce it here.

Exciting news!  We have a new volunteer, Saga Rossi, who will be coaching our community members. Saga is currently coaching 10 individuals, and we're incredibly grateful for their commitment to this initiative.

"Also to the coachees who are helping me grow, and to Herizon for helping me make this dream come true. Now I can positively use my talents to help make the tech world more diverse and inclusive." -Saga Rossi 

Viivi, Our Head of Community and Talent has been busy this year spreading her good energy and knowledge to more and more people through workshops and talks like this one at Epicenter. She was invited there to a Women's day event where she talked about Sponsorship in the workplace.

Viivi also wrote a short blog article to give you a quick recap of what they are and why women aren't getting sponsored as much as men. 

New role announcements: 

  • Éclair Photitai at KONE
  • Nazokatkhon Akhmadjonova at LUT University
  • Patience Wanjala at One click LCA
  • Sina Khabbazi at Resistomap
  • Mai Nguyen at Fraction
  • Ekaterina Takmakova at Helsinki University
  • Rida Zahra Shah at PurplePages
  • Pushpa Nanjundappa at Nordhealth
  • Marika Laine at Fraction
  • Ikram Bechari at Evondos

Huge, huge congrats to all of you amazing people! 💜


Herizon Team