What have we been up to? September Edition.

There are updates, and then there are updates, and we believe this one falls into the latter category. However, we’ll let you be the judge.

What have we been up to? September Edition.

There are updates, and then there are updates, and we believe this one falls into the latter category. However, we’ll let you be the judge.

So, read on, my friend!

The ‘What have we been up to?’ letter is intended for those who are on the lookout for a new community in Finland or new job opportunities and wish to discover what Herizon has been working on.

It’s also for our valued collaborators who support and collaborate with us.

Honestly, it’s for us at Herizon as well.

It serves as a record of our achievements, experiences and events throughout September, a source of pride in what we’ve accomplished, and a possibility for identifying areas where we can further improve.

Important statistics from September 2023:

362 individuals impacted
+65 new members added to the community
+18 new internships
195 employed individuals

Invitation to Talents & Startups event (free)

Looking to expand your team? Join us at Talents & Startups Event on October 30th at Helsinki City Hall.

Why attend?

🤝 Meet top international talent
💡 Learn from Mari Luukkainen’s keynote on avoiding startup pitfalls
🕶 Get insights on hiring international employees using salary subsidies and other support from TE-office.

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Our LinkedIn Bootcamp has been a success 🎉

Our LinkedIn Bootcamp, led by our Community Manager Viivi (recently awarded the Top Fostering Voice badge on LinkedIn), has proven to be highly valuable. Week after week, we’ve welcomed an average of 40 participants who engage in discussions about the latest trends, algorithm insights, and storytelling tips.

Wether you’re new to LinkedIn or a frequent user, Herizon’s LinkedIn Bootcamp can offer significant value to you. 💡

“It was a great bootcamp! Though I already had bases on how to use LinkedIn, I found myself discovering many simple tips to spice up what I already do, like looking for keywords people in our industry of interest use in their own posts, or that you can talk about different subjects you’re interested in. Thank you so much!”

Apply to Bootcamp

"VC is not scary"

Last week, our current and future founders within our community gained valuable insights into the realm of Venture Capital from MAKI.VC and Icebreaker. We learned about the criteria VC investors consider when investing in a business, what qualities define a successful founding team, and what kind of business ideas are seen compelling. The notion that “VC is intimidating” was dispelled after the session.

A big thank you to Caroline Gattner from Maki VC. and Mari Rautanen from Icebreaker.

We can’t wait to see more women in the VC industry and the establishment of their own businesses. 💜

Our Alumna Chiara & her "Aha-moments" working in a new industry

Just recently, our alumna Chiara Montecchiarri shared her ‘Aha-moments’ with the Herizon community, and she’s truly impressive!

She recounted her journey and lessons, transitioning from her role as a flight attendant into the world of growth hacking and marketing. Today, she serves as the Growth Marketing Manager at Readpeak.

“In my previous job as a flight attendant, I dealt with constant change. I’ve developed the ability not to panic or lose my composure, a skill that is essential for growth hackers to maintain their mental well-being.”

Chiara also discussed how she’s been working to align the sales and marketing teams, a step that has greatly benefited the company.

A million thanks, Chiara! 💜

Mentoring program cohort 2. coming up!

12 mentees matched with 12 mentors – Our first mentoring cohort has been a success so far and our mentors from companies such as: Columbia Road, Hyper Island, Hoxhunt, Shook, etc. have been sharing valuable insights for their dedicated mentees.

Announcement: We couldn’t be happier to tell that we’ll kick off our next cohort in the end of October! We’re looking for new mentors so if you think this could be interesting to you, send us a message on hello@herizon.io 💌

Thanks for reading!