Time to end boomer-era job-matching

Our software-driven non-profit is changing the game with a new, smarter system.

Time to end boomer-era job-matching

Finding the right job or the perfect candidate has traditionally relied on outdated tools like cover letters, CVs, and overly general job ads.

It simply isn't effective. Companies often don't have time to go through cover letters, CVs tend to be too generic, and standard job ads may exclude those who don't meet specific educational or language requirements. Additionally, businesses might realize after receiving applications that the job title was misleading, leading to mismatches in what they actually need.

These methods often miss the mark, failing to truly capture the skills needed for a job or the talents offered by a job seeker. Our software-driven non-profit is changing the game with a new, smarter system that matches job seekers and jobs based on actual skills and needs.

Imagine you need to hire someone who can help expand your business into Spanish-speaking markets. Typically, you might spend weeks sorting through CVs. With our system, you simply input what you need: "I need a person who can get me 5 new clients from Spanish-speaking markets."

Instantly, our system analyzes this request and identifies key skills:

It also notes that the candidate needs to be fluent in Spanish for video calls. In just 14 seconds, our system searches through our current 670 international talent profiles to find candidates who match these specific skills.

Why this approach is better

1. Faster: What used to take weeks now takes seconds. You get a list of candidates who really fit what you need quickly.

2. More accurate: You won't get bogged down looking at CVs of people who don't fit. Our system ensures that only candidates who have the right skills are matched with the job.

3. Open opportunities: This system helps people who have the right skills but might not have typical qualifications or backgrounds get noticed for jobs they're actually perfect for.

4. Works for any size: Whether you're a small shop or a large company, our system can handle it, connecting you with the right candidates efficiently.

This new method isn't just about filling positions quickly; it's about making sure the right person fills the right position. We're moving towards a job market that values actual skills over just credentials, ensuring everyone has a fair chance to land jobs they're truly suited for.

What's next?

As we keep improving our tech, we aim to make the job market more efficient and equitable, where skills directly connect individuals with opportunities without the fuss of traditional job-hunting methods.

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