Meet the talent: Karoliina Myllymäki

Going with the flow.

Meet the talent: Karoliina Myllymäki

Tell us about you, who is Karoliina?

I am from Tampere, and I have been here almost all my life, most of my family live here as well. We have a tight-knit relationship with my relatives. My studies are in business administration. And as for hobbies, well, I have pretty much tried everything at some point in my life. The hobbies that stayed with me are scouting, creative writing and going to the gym.

And before the internship, what kind of work were you doing?

After graduating from HAMK in 2017, I worked in many different roles from shop assistant and customer service to marketing. My previous job was on marketing and it interested me, I could connect my hobby of writing with content creation. Due to the COVID pandemic, I lost my job and before the growth hacking internship, I had been unemployed for some months. The thought of a paid internship that lasted only a few months was promising. I was also impressed that so many people were hired after it, so I wanted to try my luck.

And in terms of personal growth, how did this internship impact you?

I have become much more independent in my work and I take on more responsibilities as well. Before I was not used to making a lot of decisions on my own that would have a high impact on a business and even the sole idea of something like that felt scary. Now, I have spread my wings in that area as well, and it is pretty nice. I've learned to trust my skills and decisions.

That’s amazing, so much personal growth! And how did the Growth Hacking Slack community help you?

It was a relief to have a slack community! It is full of people who were either going through the internship like I was or had already gone through it. I looked around the chat history and saw what kind of questions and help others had needed before me. It was a calming feeling to know that I would receive help. I knew I could ask for help if I ever got to a point where I didn't understand something or just needed help. It's also nice to have a wide range of people to connect to on a professional level.

And what are you up to now? What is next?

Currently, I am still with the company where I did my Herizon GH internship. I'm pretty happy with my work and tasks. As for the future, I keep an open mind and see where it will take me.

Thank you for sharing, Karoliina.

Karoliina Myllymäki
GH intern at Pockethunt Dec 2021-Jan 2022
Marketing Coordinator at Pockethunt Feb/2021 - Ongoing

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