How we got 25 companies for the school internship in 24 hours

Find out how we kicked off our training program and got companies on board. The story of simple steps, real talks, and making things happen.

How we got 25 companies for the school internship in 24 hours

Just two weeks ago, a spark of an idea came to life. As we navigated through our mission of making tangible differences in the lives of immigrant talent, we stumbled upon a concept that felt too good not to pursue: a growth hacking internship program in partnership with a local university of applied sciences. How didn't we figure it out already?

The beauty of this idea wasn't just in its potential to bridge gaps and offer real-world experience; it was also in how quickly it took off. I reached out to a contact at the university I had already and their enthusiasm mirrored ours. Together, we're now in the fast lane, gearing up to launch the program by mid-April.

For a while now, my team and I have been talking to schools, and the public sector, and anyone who’d listen said how tough it’s been for folks from other countries to land work experience here. It's hard to find opportunities for school-related work training - even if it can be free for the companies.

Can it really be that hard? We had to test it ourselves.

Here's how we found 25 companies for the growth hacking internship with a local university of applied sciences in 24 hours.