Herizon Impact Newsletter 3/2024

Hey you! Welcome to read Herizon's Impact newsletter, the third edition of 2024. In this edition: a product launch, our main KPIs, and do newsletters suck? Let's find out!

Herizon Impact Newsletter 3/2024

640 individuals have been impacted in total
✔️ 31 new employed individuals in 2024
✔️ 57 new community members

⭐️ 268 employed individuals since we started

"Newsletters suck" is a common notion.

But then again...

"Congrats, Herizon has officially reached 1,000 member signups." That's a great contradicting message we received yesterday from our email host Ghost (a great platform, by the way.)

A million thanks to you for being one of the thousand people. It makes us believe even more strongly that our newsletters don't suck that much and gives us a nice kick to do more and better. (So we have something to report here!)

You are truly awesome.

For the info-hungry people: We launched a behind-the-scenes newsletter a month ago, where with a monthly donation of €25, you get to hear even more of our honest learnings while innovating and executing. The upgrade is possible through your email subscription.

Let's get serious for a bit.

We know the struggle is real—international talent finding jobs, and organizations finding the right talent.

We hear these struggles from both ends, and we're on a mission to solve them for both parties.

So, guess what? Here's an announcement about what we've been cooking up for the past three months. It's story time—bear with us.

It all started when we found Martti. Martti is a self-taught software developer who has worked for big corporations around the world, including Adidas, just to name-drop one. He and our founder, Mari, met at an industry party and began passionately discussing the barriers international people face when trying to find jobs in Finland.

The party ended, everyone went home, and Martti started with a lot of excitement developing a solution to solve the problem.

Fast forward to ViiviGPT, our working name, inspired by our Head of Talent and Community, Viivi. ViiviGPT is a service designed to connect job seekers and companies seeking new team members, matching talent and companies based on their skills, needs, and wishes. We use AI in the backbone to collect data seamlessly.

We wanted to create a tool that goes beyond just a job title. We ask: What were your personal highlights in your previous role? What would you like to learn in the next 6-12 months? In addition, language skills are assessed in a more practical way than just beginner or expert.

Our vision for ViiviGPT (name suggestions are welcome!) is that it's a service that is genuinely useful for both job seekers and companies, creating opportunities for both parties.

"Talent registration is out, and company registration will be available in a month," said Martti.

So, hiring companies, SOON you'll get to use our service and find your next employee matches!

👉 Talent registration is out now. With the registration, new talent who's not part of our community will get an invitation to the Herizon platform.

Our Industrial companies and international talent study is out now in English!

What do industrial companies operating in Finland think about diversity? How important is proficiency in the Finnish language?

👉 Read the answers to these and many other questions from our study, which aimed to identify possible barriers and opportunities for hiring international professionals in industrial companies.

On our community event side, we've had so many inspirational speakers this year!
Lastly, we had Irene, who shared their key learnings and solutions to finding employment in Finland by applying an entrepreneurial mindset at every stage of their career.

Thank you, Irene, for showing up and sharing your insights with the community. 💜

Psst. Wanna come and talk to our community? Send an email to viivi@herizon.io, and let's cook something up! 

New role announcements:

  • Recently employed Herizoners 💼 Congrats 🎉
  • Monica Häikiö at TELUS international
  • Marika Laine at Slush Bilboa
  • Arseniiy Kapshtyk at Wunder
  • Marius Monkam at City of Vantaa
  • Maheswari Gunasekaran at Nordea
  • Yassine Kaddouri at Yellow Method
  • Phat Dau at Holu

Huge, huge congrats to all of you amazing people! 🎉

Looking to boost your Friday mood? 

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Let's talk soon,

Herizon team 💜