Herizon Impact Newsletter 07/2023 ­

We have some inspiring news to share from Herizon. Let's dive right in!🎉

Herizon Impact Newsletter 07/2023 ­

We have some inspiring news to share from Herizon. Let's dive right in!🎉


  • 193 individuals impacted
  • +76 new members added to the community
  • +19 new internships
  • taking us to 269 individuals impacted
  • 143 trained individuals with a 95% employment rate

Our Founder Mari Luukkainen has been named the Diversity Role Model of the Year

We are delighted to announce that Mari Luukkainen, the founder of Herizon, has been named the Diversity Role Model of the Year at the prestigious Nordic Startup Awards 2023. This remarkable achievement comes on the heels of her previous win as Investor of the Year at the Nordic Women in Tech Awards 2022. With her inspiring journey and tireless dedication to promoting diversity and innovation, Mari has become an influential trailblazer in the tech industry.

Through Herizon, Mari has provided a platform for underrepresented voices and created an inclusive environment where diverse talents can thrive.

Huge congratulations Mari! 🎉

Unlocking the power of LinkedIn with Herizon's engaging Bootcamp

We are thrilled to announce that our highly successful LinkedIn bootcamp has started! In June, we witnessed the participation of over 20 individuals who actively refined and optimized their profiles to enhance their visibility to recruiters.

The 4-part series will start again on July 6th.

Need to get your LinkedIn game on? Join us! 💪

We are also eager to share one of our valuable LinkedIn tips with you. Here it is:

Linkedin changes its algorithm —going viral is not the point.

Have you noticed these two changes?

1. You’re seeing more content from the people you follow about—and vice versa. People want to see professional content from the people they follow and trust, and LinkedIn listened. First-degree contacts and followed creators are prioritized in your feed.

2. Content that shares knowledge and advice gains priority. The algorithm will seek to understand who your content is serving and share it accordingly. Good bye vacation photos, hello showing up as the expert you are.

PS. We might also witness the death of hype groups. Now, it’s all about meaningful comments and conversations. 🤝

Herizon x Tech Nordic Advocates event at Solita’s office

We co-organized an event together with Tech Nordic Advocates at Solita’s office in the end of June and we had a full house of inspirational professionals. The idea for the event was to connect growth hackers with start up founders from TNA's Helsinki Female Tech Founder Frontrunner program. We're glad to say that multiple connections and introductions were made both during the event and after.

“I was inspired by the talk from Mari about her journey, and I have started sharing more of my knowledge, expertise, and experience with the community since then. I am a lifetime learner, and now I want to help others learn as well. I think supporting everyone in our capacity is always needed in this life. I also made some good connections after the event, from both Herizon and the female startup founders. If I did not step out of my laptop on that day, I would have not met them.“ – Sa Le

Herizon Summer Events

  • Upcoming events during the summer:
  • Weekly co-working sessions (offline and online)
  • Linkedin Bootcamp / July (recurring event)
  • Herizon community after-work picnic 19.7.

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