Meet the talent: Roberto Puentes

Get inspired by his story – Roberto’s presence in our community is truly uplifting.

Meet the talent: Roberto Puentes

A creative skilled in photography, videography, graphic design, marketing and copywriting.

We’re excited about the numerous job opportunities that await someone of his talent. Who will be the first to bring him on board? (Open for projects too, just reach out!)

Get inspired by his story – Roberto’s presence in our community is truly uplifting.

Roberto Puentes

Experience: I have worked as a one-man agency, working in different areas, mostly content creation, but also, graphic design, marketing, copywriting, and community management. My expertise lies in photography/video. I studied graphic design at university.

Strengths: Resilience and creativity. As an immigrant in Finland, I have developed a strong tolerance for rejection and change, something I have been afraid of my whole life, but now I am so grateful for it, it has taught me a lot about who I am.

I bring to the table: My whole professional skillset combined with a smile, and a laid-back personality, I like to keep things professional but always creating a nice and positive environment.

Tell us about yourself?

These past three years in Finland have been crucial for my personal growth and self-discovery. I consider myself a creative individual, and I approach life with this mindset. I have a deep passion for my work, both personally and professionally. Additionally, I have always had an interest in connecting with others and I am very good at making friends. I also have a deep connection to nature, especially the sea. I love outdoor activities, music, and cooking.

What are your strengths?

In the past, I used to focus a lot on discussing my skills and professional goals. But now, my focus has shifted, I just want to be of service and help others while doing what I know how to do best. But maybe my biggest strength is to connect with people, I like stories, I enjoy asking questions to understand who individuals are and where they come from. Understanding people enables me to translate their thoughts into creation. I think I act as a bridge between ideas and visual expression.

What’s a surprising fact about you?

I’m organized, which might be considered unusual for some creatives. I find joy in keeping my stuff tidy and neat.

What change would you like to see in this world?

More kindness, empathy, and respect for nature. I think we are so alienated from our true nature, so disconnected from ourselves. We need each other more than ever—kindness, community, and empathy. I think happiness can also be found in relying upon others and being held, heard, and loved.

Tell us about a difficult situation you’ve gone through and handled.

Not the most enjoyable part of the story, but I’ve struggled significantly over the past three years. Having dealt with depression during my time here. The lack of support, opportunities, and understanding of the job market, had a substantial impact on my confidence and mental well-being. But now I am using it as a tool for change, I’m open about it to break the stigma and provide support to those who feel ashamed or embarrassed, like I was. Truth is, I haven’t figured it out yet, but I have found purpose and meaning thanks to that. Now, I am gradually regaining my confidence and have realized the importance of networking and helping others out.

What would you like to get better at?

To be, to observe, and to listen. I want to become a better human being, partner, friend, neighbor, and co-worker. It is no longer about being the best photographer for me; instead, it is about engaging in work that genuinely moves and fulfills me. I believe it is now my time to give something back and contribute to this beautiful country.

Thank you Roberto, it’s wonderful to have you with us at Herizon and we can’t wait to see where life takes you next. He’s open for work, check out his work!