Meet the talent: Mariia Zoria

We sat down with Mariia Zoria.

Meet the talent: Mariia Zoria

What's your name and where are you from? How did you end up in Finland?‍

My name is Mariia, and I'm from Moscow, Russia. I relocated to Finland with my partner, who found a job opportunity here. This move has been a transformative experience, giving me a chance to explore myself in a new environment.

What kind of job are you looking for, and how did you get interested in event production?

I am a former HR manager, and my job search in Finland sparked a newfound interest in event production. To gain practical experience, I volunteered at events such as Slush, Flow and Nordeep. Through these opportunities, I was able to showcase my skills and abilities, leading to a rewarding three-month internship as an event coordinator. 

However, I soon realized that I desired a more structured role. The ideal blend of events, organization, and providing value to people led me to pursue positions such as Office & Events Coordinator.

How have you navigated your career exploration journey in Finland? 

I initially faced challenges due to limited networks and connections. However, I recognized that an administrative position, which includes events, organization, and providing value to people, could be an excellent fit for me. However, the language barrier, as I don't speak Finnish, posed a significant challenge.

During my search, I came across Herizon, which aligned with my desire to work in an administrative role. I saw the potential for being proactive, multitasking, and more. Although I faced rejections, I remained determined. Finally, I secured a part-time job as a bartender, which allowed me to earn money while pursuing my passion for hosting events.

In fact, I recently organized and hosted a networking event called "Mix&Mingle," which was sponsored by the Spouse program. At the event, I shared networking tips and facilitated meaningful connections among participants, further fueling my passion for event production.

Furthermore, I am thrilled to start my Finnish language courses, as they will unlock new professional opportunities for me.

As someone from Russia, what aspects of your cultural background have you brought with you to Finland?

One thing I've carried with me is a deep sense of hospitality and kindness towards others. In Russian culture, it's common to genuinely care for and be generous to guests, and I've embraced this value in my interactions with people in Finland.

During my time as a student, I spent over six years working with teenagers, honing my ability to engage and facilitate group activities. I've now utilised those skills by hosting trivia games for the Russian-speaking community in Finland. It's a hobby that allows me to enjoy myself, improve my public speaking, and make new connections.

What's something surprising about you?

I am deeply fascinated by psychological books that enhance communication skills and self-awareness. One influential book for me is "Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod. It emphasizes starting the day an hour earlier and establishing a structured morning routine. This practice has boosted my confidence, reduced anxiety, and improved my focus throughout the day. It has become such a powerful habit that I decided to facilitate a 30-day challenge for those interested in trying it.

How would you describe your overall experience with Herizon?

I have some strong memories associated with my time at Herizon. Joining Viivi's co-working sessions with community members has turned out to be a great decision. Those sessions have become something I look forward to every week. The community's energy and motivation, along with Viivi's inspirational leadership as a community manager, have had a profound impact on me. I made some important decisions thanks to this support system.

Herizon has exceeded my expectations, providing me with unexpected support and opportunities. People within the community have reached out to me and mentioned me on LinkedIn, creating surprising and fulfilling connections. I'm constantly surprised and grateful for the experiences I've had with Herizon.

Could you tell a bit about the co-working events you're hosting?

Although I haven't had the opportunity for an internship yet, I have been actively hosting co-working events using the Pomodoro Method to assist remote workers, job seekers, and entrepreneurs in staying focused on their tasks. It has been incredibly rewarding to hear feedback from participants who were able to finally complete lingering to-do list items during these sessions.

Additionally, I am an active participant in the Spouse program by the City of Helsinki, where I organized a successful networking event for around 50 international talents. My ultimate goal is to continue supporting newcomers, helping them gain confidence and navigate their journey in a new country.

Through these experiences, I aspire to shape my career path and find a role that aligns with my values, allowing me to make meaningful contributions to the community.

What are your plans for the future?

Right now, I'm focusing on doing valuable things that align with my purpose. I want to continue creating events that help people become their best selves and gain confidence. My goal is to find a job in office and event coordination that matches my values and allows me to contribute to the community.

Contact Mariia here or send us an email to if you'd love to talk about work opportunities with her! ✔️