Meet the talent: Francesca Putti

Francesca shares how she became a Growth Hacking intern, along with key learnings and insights about the first week of her internship at Carbon Deed.

Meet the talent: Francesca Putti


My name is Francesca Putti, 25, from Italy. For the next 8 weeks, I would like you to join me on my journey to becoming a Growth Hacker in Finland.

My story starts a few months ago. Before moving, I sent many applications for roles that I thought were suitable based on my previous experiences and education. After my master's in International Management, I worked for over a year as an IT Project Manager/Consultant for a big consulting firm in Milan, and I thought that would be the natural progression of my career path in Finland as well. However, the desire to experiment and try something new was always in the back of my mind.

After arriving in Helsinki at the beginning of January, I did my best to really get myself out there and participate in all the events and programs I could find to build a network and discover new companies and opportunities. That's how I found Herizon and their internship program, and if you've ever visited their website and read about their mission, you can understand why I applied right away.

Growth Hacking had been something that already sparked my interest in the past, but I didn't quite know how to include it in my career and I believed that having no specific experience or education directly in the subject didn't make me a suitable candidate. However, I tried my best to show my skills, motivation and enthusiasm in my application, and got a call back a few weeks later: the awesome team at Herizon saw my value as a multi-skilled individual and recognized the strengths I'd build along my path. That's the first takeaway in this journey: **Growth Hacking is all about mindset and a set of skills that can be built in many ways, there's not just one right path to it**.

Based on my abilities and interests, the Herizon team matched me up with a startup that was looking for a new addition to their team: Carbon Deed, which offers carbon sequestration services to their partner companies, enhancing biodiversity and reducing CO2 from the atmosphere. A few months ago, Carbon Deed decided to launch a weekly newsletter that curates the latest environmental news and job openings in the industry, and they were looking for a Growth Hacker to expand this initiative and bring it to its full potential. That's where I came into the picture, and I have to say I am absolutely loving it.

**Growth hacking is like a fully customizable puzzle**: you get to set the goals, set the rules, and then figure out ways to solve it however you see fit. The only requirement is constant growth and improvement, which are my life mottos. So you can see why my enthusiasm is through the roof.

Since this growth hacking journey is all about figuring things out, I am keeping a log of all the things I learn along the way, and I’ll be sharing them in the next weeks as my experience continues to develop.

If you made it so far, thank you for your interest in my journey, and I hope you’ll be back for week two of this log!

Francesca Putti

Growth Hacker @ Carbon Deed