Meet the talent: Chiara Montecchiari

Finding our way by trusting oneself and our community.

Meet the talent: Chiara Montecchiari

Chiara, tell us about you and what brought you to Finland?

I moved to Finland in 2015 to be an Aupair. I was supposed to stay only 8 months and I ended up moving permanently to this amazing country. I studied languages and worked in the customer service field for almost 6 years, mainly in the retail and aviation industry.

I love travelling, sports and small businesses.

And before the internship, what kind of work were you doing?

My job before joining the internship was flight attendant. I also worked as a sales assistant and customer service agent.‍

In terms of personal growth, how did this internship impact you?

This internship was exactly what I needed! It allowed me to grow both personally and professionally, I learned about a new world that fascinated me from the beginning.

After losing my dream job due to the pandemic, I was feeling a little bit lost and I clearly remember that at the beginning I thought that this is not for me. I thought I would not be able to make it… BUT after hours and hours of hard work, self-studying, support from fellow interns and testing; I have learnt how resilient and strong I can be when I am set on doing something.

My goal was to complete the internship and to learn something new, AND I MADE IT!‍

Wou, amazing, and how did the Growth Hacking Slack community help you?

The slack community was crucial for me to succeed in the internship. If I did not know something, I could simply slack it and at least 3 to 4 people were ready to help me even taking a call to guide me through a tool or sharing their best practices around the topic.

And what are you up to now? What is next?

I'm currently working in Readpeak taking care of Marketing and growth. I plan to be one of the key employees to guide the company when growing and going global.

Look at those plans, wou! Anything else you would like to add?

I want to encourage everyone to try the internship and, when feeling down, remember that we are all humans and we all started at some point. I wasn't confident in my role at the beginning of the internship, and so all of the GH slack "gurus" weren't when they started in their industry.

The most important and difficult part is to start somewhere, and then step by step gain more and more knowledge about the topics, until, before you'll even realise it, you'll become the next growth hacking superstar!

And even then, there will still be some "down" moments in which you'll feel lost and discouraged. Always remember how you started and where you are now!

Thank you for sharing, Chiara.

‍Chiara Montecchiari
Zapflow GH Intern Sept-Nov/2020
Junior growth hacker Nov/2020‍

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