Meet the talent: Buse Volkan

We sat down with Buse Volkan.

Meet the talent: Buse Volkan

What's your name and where are you from?

My name is Buse and I am originally from Turkey, born and raised there. I used to work at a health tech startup, and my partner was at Eaton. But then, he got an opportunity to relocate to a new country. Coincidentally, I was already providing consultancy services to a Finnish startup, and when my partner asked if I wanted to move to Finland, it seemed like a great idea. So, I ended up getting a partnership visa, and I arrived here about six months ago. I must say, I'm absolutely loving it here!

As someone from Turkey, what aspects of your cultural background have you brought with you to Finland?

Community is a big part of my culture back in Turkey. It's a close-knit community where everyone knows each other, even your neighbors saw you grow up. That sense of community has been valuable in helping me find connections here in Finland, like joining Herizon. I'm naturally inclined to take initiatives, and Turkish people are known for being talkative and taking the first step. So, I enjoy getting involved and taking the lead whenever I can.

So, what have you been up to since you arrived in Finland?

At the Finnish startup Lyfta, I was involved in launching a new product and diversifying their product portfolio. As I started working there full time, my role evolved into that of a marketing manager. I worked on strategies for the B2B side, aligned content, and handled emails. Since it was a startup, I also dabbled in product management and product marketing, focusing on workflow for users and email journeys. So until March, I was working at Lyfta, but my contract ended there. So, right now, I'm actively looking for new opportunities. 

With what do you see yourself working?

I want to be part of creating innovative and brilliant products that make a difference in people’s lives. With experience in both marketing and product management roles, I excel at developing and executing marketing strategies that communicate the value of products to target customers.

What’s something surprising about you?

I have a rather surprising fear: flying. It's ironic because I find myself flying quite often. Every time I have a flight scheduled, I psych myself up, saying, "I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it." But somehow, I lose control and get terrified before the flight.

As for hobbies, I absolutely love renovating furniture. Whenever I buy a piece of furniture, I feel the need to paint it, modify it, or personalize it in some way. Unfortunately, there's not much furniture to renovate at the moment, but it all started when I was younger and  my room was filled with old furniture, and my mom didn't want to buy new ones. So, I began painting and transforming them, and it felt so unique.

How did you find Herizon?

Ever since I arrived in Finland, I had been actively seeking communities that support immigrants and women. I joined Shortcut and other startup communities, where I had the chance to meet various people. One day, while browsing LinkedIn, I came across a post shared by Mari, the founder of Herizon. It caught my attention, and I decided to learn more about the community. After doing some research, I felt a strong connection and applied to be a part of Herizon.

How has your experience been with Herizon?

I must say, it has been fantastic! I thoroughly enjoy being part of a diverse and talented group of individuals within the community. The face-to-face events are particularly special, as they provide an opportunity for deeper connections and make us feel like friends who share similar experiences. I genuinely cherish that aspect of being in Herizon.

The growth hacking course offered by Herizon has been invaluable as well. Mari's real-life case experiences, along with insights shared by people like Zeinep and Nicoletta, have deepened my learning. The best part is that you can immediately put your learnings into practice, thanks to the diverse range of courses available.

What kind of impact has the Herizon community had on you?

The community has made me realize that I'm not alone in my journey. It has made me stronger as a person. I used to hesitate to step out of my comfort zone, but seeing so many others who share similar experiences and face similar challenges has given me a boost of courage. Herizon has made me braver and more willing to take risks.

What's next for you?

Recently, I got accepted into HIVE coding school, and I can't wait to learn a new skill and explore new horizons. Also, I'm looking forward to seeing my parents, hopefully in August. It's a bit hectic, but during the pandemic, I've gotten used to living in a different country than my parents, which has its ups and downs. On top of everything, I'm also trying to learn Finnish. It's not an easy language, and sometimes I struggle to understand its meaning. But I'm determined to keep learning, and with each step, it gets better and better.

"Buse Volkan has the rare skill to truly listen and understand your needs and then mindfully craft a solution. This combined with her love for the product side of things and calm approach makes her a valuable member of any team in need of a product-minded marketer or even a product manager." – Viivi Marttinen, Community Manager @Herizon

Contact Buse here on LinkedIn if you would like to discuss about work possibilities with her.💜