Meet the talent: Anesmida Basha

As an immigrant, taking risks is part of my day-to-day life.

Meet the talent: Anesmida Basha

Being able to improve yourself is one of the best things that you can do in life. All this time I have understood that if you want to become the person that you have dreamt of 10 years before, the first thing to do is take risks and we, as immigrants, have the risk factor as part of our lives since the day we decided to move to a foreign country.

And before going further let me introduce myself to all of you, I am Anesmida Basha, a professional journalist, and Social Media Manager. I come from a small and beautiful country called Albania.

Growing up in a small city like Gjirokastra made me learn some valuable lessons about moving forward and taking decisions, regardless of the opinions of others. When I said “I am going to be a Journalist”, just a few people believed it; which at the time affected, me somehow. But love, trust, and support made the impossible possible. Next, I won second place in the country rank for Journalism and Communication Science program at the most important university in Albania, Tirana University. One month into my studies, I won an internship at the National Radio in Albania, and in the second year of my studies, I was working as a Journalist in an online newspaper. Since then I have been part of different media channels and at the same time managing several Social Media Networks (huhuhuhu way to go Girl!)

Specializing as a social and cultural journalist made me so attached to my country and moving to Finland hasn't been so easy, and so far this has been the most challenging and surprising year in my life.

Firstly, being a mom for the second time has slowed down things a little bit, but made me realize that I am stronger than I thought. Secondly, I have been able to meet wonderful people who have given me so much. Thirdly, the Finnish stereotypes do not fit. One thing is for sure, whoever says that Finns are not talkative, definitely doesn't know the right Finns.

Since day one I met some great people, my neighbors were so welcoming and gave me some great advice about how things work in Finland.

Two of the people that I appreciate the most are Laura Koivisto-Khazaal and Holly Gibson who have helped me so much in creating my network.

Holly has given me some great pieces of advice and connected me with different non-profit organizations and Laura has been there for anything that I have asked. Furthermore, she was the one that introduced me to Herizon, the Growth Hacking Internship, and connected me with Ale who has given me so much support before and during the process.

Has everything been easy? Of course not.

Have I sent my CV and got rejected? God knows how many times but this is a process and I believe in the process.

Wherever you go, you must start from something and this internship Herizon Growth Hacking Internship was something that I saw myself in.

You remember what I wrote in the beginning "IMPROVE YOURSELF" this is my goal and all that I do has this as a purpose.

Looking forward to my next experience!