Herizon's resource store is now live

Support Herizon's nonprofit mission by purchasing growth hacking tools and templates in our new resource store.

Herizon's resource store is now live

Exciting news for growth hacking enthusiasts! Herizon.io has launched its new resource store, providing a variety of tools and guides to help you master the art of growth hacking.

Here's a glimpse of what you can find in the store:

  • Personal Brand Content Machine - Low Effort, Big Impact Playbook (€49+): A comprehensive playbook designed to help you create impactful personal brand content with minimal effort.
  • Growth Leader’s First 30 Days - Get Started Guide (€89+): A guide to help growth leaders hit the ground running in their first 30 days.
  • Get Started with Strategic Growth Hacking OS (Free E-Book) ($0+): A highly rated (5.0) free e-book providing a strategic approach to growth hacking.
  • Strategic Growth Hacking Operating System (Free E-Book) ($0+): Another valuable free resource to enhance your growth hacking strategies.
  • 100 Growth Hacking Experiments - Notion Template (€19+): A Notion template featuring 100 growth hacking experiments to test and implement.
  • Problem-Solution Navigator: A Mom Test-Based Notion Template for Startups ($0+): Rated 5.0, this template helps startups navigate problem-solving based on the Mom Test principles.
  • Growth Hacking Experiment Tracker - Notion Template (€9): A template to track and manage your growth hacking experiments.
  • Growth Hacking Ideas - Notion Template (€9): A resource for generating and organizing growth hacking ideas.

These resources are designed to empower individuals and teams to effectively drive growth and innovation.

By purchasing these resources, you're not only equipping yourself with valuable tools but also supporting Herizon's mission to make the tech industry more inclusive and innovative.