Herizon Impact Newsletter 12/2023

Fresh from the press.

Herizon Impact Newsletter 12/2023

Fresh from the press.

This year has been an incredible adventure for us. As a non-profit with a startup mindset, we are quick, iterative, and possess a problem-solving mindset. We have many projects on our plate, but our KPIs guide us and help prioritize. 

We acknowledge that, if it were easy, the problems would be solved already. Our purpose is to help immigrant women and other underrepresented groups secure jobs. We've gained many insights this year and constantly evolving our approach. However, one thing that remains steady is our matchmaking process.

So what do we do? 

We talk with people. We connect with our community members who are seeking their next journey to understand them better— identifying their strengths, aspirations, and areas for upskilling. 

In addition, we talk with companies or the individuals within them (<3). We learn about their business and struggles and explore what are their goals and how we can help them in achieving those. Our own goal is to find a matching candidate for them. 

This year, 123 spots have been filled and we're looking for many more to be filled next year. 

Once again, feel free to reach out to us if your team needs new members next year!

And Thanks to Startup Reporter for writing a story about us.


  • 457 individuals impacted
  • +44 new members added to the community
  • +10 new internships
  • 223 employed individuals

We would need a bit of help from you...

..By answering our survey for people working with industrial companies!

We're conducting research on recruiting and integrating multicultural professionals into industrial companies. And we would love to get insights from those of you working in the field.

This survey will only take 6 minutes, and the only requirements are:

✔️ You're employed by an industrial company (any branch).

✔️ The company operates at least in Finland.

This is a crucial part of our mission to ensure that the amazing international talent in Finland finds job opportunities. We would be so grateful if you could participate in this.

Answer survey

Still living in that Slush bubble? I believe we are.

Together, we engaged with over 400 people, keeping specific goals in mind:

  • Finding new job opportunities for our community members
  • Interviewing and filming female founders
  • Chatting and celebrating our community members who volunteer or showcase their startups.
  • Connecting with individuals to discuss topics like DEI, community, hiring, and scaling talent teams.

One cool fact: This year, Herizon hosted its own LinkedIn Bootcamp specially for the Slush Volunteers in a two-day session – which is incredibly cool! The volunteers at Slush are simply rocking.

Read more about our journey on our blog.

Discovering "What is a strength?" with Venla Hakunti.

Venla Hakunti, currently residing in Berlin, is an inspiring leadership trainer and coach who recently shared her insights on discovering our strenghts. 

Our key takeaways are that strength is not an ability, but an activity that strengthens us. Every individual can define their own strengths.

Regarding weaknesses, it really doesn't make sense for us to excel at everything. The more diverse we are, the more we need each other.

This leaves us with an important question: How can one find a team whose strengths complement their weaknesses?

Thanks Venla for hosting a very eye-opening session for our community!

Herizon upcoming events:

  • F2F Self-Leadership and conscious life management with Sonja Rajala
  • Learning Finnish together (Weekly)
  • Weekly co-working sessions (offline and online)
  • Holiday season for two weeks <3