Herizon Impact Newsletter 1/2024

Happy belated Valentine's day, or Friend's day as we call it in Finland. 😎

Herizon Impact Newsletter 1/2024

Hey you,

Happy belated Valentine's day, or Friend's day as we call it in Finland. 😎

This year, at Herizon, we aim to streamline the recruitment processes for hiring companies and job seekers so that they have clear and accessible pathways to meaningful employment opportunities.

And guess what?

Fourteen amazing individuals from our community have already gotten a job this year!

We have many talented and brave people in our community. In this newsletter, we’re introducing two of them: Arshia and Roberto, both seeking job opportunities.


  • 553 individuals impacted
  • +96 new members added to the community
  • +14 new jobs in 2024
  • 251 employed individuals

Where Herizoners employed in January 🥁 Congrats! 🎉

  • Howspace
  • KONE
  • BPN Intense
  • Deloitte
  • Boatslice
  • Huld
  • Moniheli
  • Albina
  • Nordea

Meet two amazing individuals from our community: Arshia and Roberto

A 5-year track record in community, diversity, and learning-focused roles across NGOs and startups.

"I would like to see a world where everyone is treated equally, no matter where they’re from or who they are. I’ve worked with people with disabilities who face numerous challenges on a daily basis and it’s taught me that we understand people better when we imagine ourselves in their position. So, before judging others and acting upon it, let’s put ourselves in their shoes and then decide how to act."

A creative skilled in photography, videography, graphic design, marketing and copywriting.

"In this world, I would like to see more kindness, empathy, and respect for nature. I think we are so alienated from our true nature, so disconnected from ourselves. We need each other more than ever—kindness, community, and empathy. I think happiness can also be found in relying upon others and being held, heard, and loved."

Our community members are sharing their stories on our Instagram

We believe that Finland needs more diverse voices to be heard, and one of the ways we've started working towards this is by giving our platforms for our community members who are willing and excited to share about their experiences and lives on social media. You can find Narshia's and Sooyeon's takeover stories in our Instagram highlights, and this week we have Mai taking over the stories!

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Melissa Demel: Leading the way as our Mentor for Code

We're overwhelmed and happy that there are people like Melissa Demel, A Software Development Consultant from Columbia Road, who want to contribute to our mission and help our community members reach their next career goals.

Melissa joined us as a volunteer by working as our Mentor for Code, guiding people who are in their early stage of their Software development career.

👇 And the community is happy.

Collaborating with The Helsinki region Chamber of Commerce

We attended a webinar in partnership with Helsingin seudun kauppakamari - Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce which was a success. We got to tell about our services to companies, why and how to recruit a person from our community.

A special thank you to David from Shook Digital for his invaluable contribution. David shared his experiences on how Shook Digital has achieved international success by harnessing the potential of highly educated international talent. The insights provided were enlightening and highlighted the importance of global talent in driving business growth.

We hosted an event with recruitment professionals at Hoxhunt!

We were grateful to learn job search tips and insider knowledge about recruitment processes from Talent Leads, Sara Henriksson and Leo Johansson-Stockford. Thank you everyone who joined!

And huge thanks to Hoxhunt hosting us. 💜

Would you like to host us at your office for a keynote or mingling event? If YES, just send us an email to: hello@herizon.io

Our founder joined Female Founder Stories by wednesday. Aaltoes

Mari stepped onto the stage on 8.2. to participate in Female Founder Stories, which are dedicated to showcasing the diverse journeys, achievements, and insights of women entrepreneurs.

We are incredibly proud to have a founder like her, who is genuinely utilising her power and time to help and inspire women and people from other underrepresented groups to discover their strengths and pursue their dream careers. And no, it's not Mari writing here. It's a longtime admirer who feels incredibly fortunate to have her as an example, pushing us to strive for better and do better.

Thanks wednesday. Aaltoes for having Mari!

Herizon upcoming events:

  • Learning Finnish together (Weekly)
  • Online LinkedIn Bootcamp
  • 26.2. Löydä Talentit LinkedInistä -Webinaari, Herizon x Helsingin Kaupunki
  • Weekly co-working sessions (offline and online)