Herizon Impact Newsletter 4/2024

294 Herizon community members have gotten jobs. That's a big reason to celebrate, right? Find out more about this and other news in our latest Impact Newsletter.

Herizon Impact Newsletter 4/2024

686 individuals have been impacted in total
✔️ 56 new employed individuals in 2024
✔️ 46 new community members

⭐️ 294 employed individuals since we started

It's so glorious to see that almost 300 people from the community have been employed since Herizon's beginning. 💜 That, along with the first warm sun rays, is giving us more and more energy to keep going.

Here are our latest updates from us to you.

Haaga-Helia is leading the way with us.

We're excited to announce that our Growth Hacking course is now an official offering at the University of Applied Sciences, Haaga-Helia. 🎉 This is an important milestone for us.

We started by pairing 18 students with 18 companies. We hold weekly coaching sessions to review our Growth Hacking tactics and tools, brainstorm together, and guide the students toward their goals while providing value for the companies they're working with. It's all about getting the real-worlde xperience while studying!

This course is led by Sini, who was part of the Growth Hacker course back in 2020. Since then, she has accumulated experience in multiple startups and is now an entrepreneur dedicated to assisting other founders through Focuspocus. We're happy to have her leading this project!

A huge thank you to Haaga-Helia for being an early adopter in revolutionizing how students gain real-world experience through their studies. And to each company that participated in our first cohort, as well as those lined up for next cohorts, we are so happy you are part of this program– without your involvement, this course wouldn't be possible.

Here's what some of our students had to say:

"I am very happy that I can learn from people with so much real world experience. I would definately recommend the Growth Hacking course to anyone that is willing to work and build a future for themselves." – Ivan Hristov, a Digital Business Innovations student from Haaga-Helia

Want to be part of this? Our next cohort includes around 60 students who are ready to contribute to your projects for three months starting from June, at no cost to your company as they will earn academic credits. Let us know if you want to host an intern – now during summer or in the Fall!

💌 Email sini@herizon.io and she'll tell you more about the program.

Need new talent to your team? We can use our AI-backed CRM to find the right people for you.

Our ViiviGPT keeps getting better every day. (A reminder: ViiviGPT is a service designed to connect job seekers and companies seeking new team members.) It keeps getting better and better.

We now have 700 job seeker contacts in the CRM, and we can easily send requests for the system to find the right people for the companies—it is awesome!

We're collecting feedback on it as well. Here are a few golden ones:

I love that you made a comment section to the job description. I actually enjoyed filling out this application becuase I got to reminisce about my work experience and be proud of it. :)
Thank you very much for your important service. It seems right on the way, right on the spot. The upload system needs consistent improvement, but I guess you know it and prioritise other aspects at the moment.

Herizon in the Media: Mari Shares Her Story and Vision with Markkinointiuutiset

Our founder, Mari Luukkainen recently had a great discussion with Markkinointiuutiet about her career story and vision for the future. Her vision is clear: "My goal is to save the Nordic welfare society."

👉 Read the interview here. (in Finnish)

HS.fi interviewed Herizon Alumni Chiara about Finnish Holidays

The holiday season is arriving and we often times take it for granted.
Herizon Alumni Chiara Montecchiari spoke to Helsingin Sanomat about what are the differences with Finnish holidays compared to Italian one.

Thanks HS.fi for interviewing Chiara. 🔥


Herizon is launching a whistleblowing channel to combat the exploitation of immigrant workers and promote fairness in the workplace. We've heard too many stories of people being mistreated at work, and this needs to stop.

Read our founder's important post about this topic.

Immigrants already struggle with employment and the complexity of the bureaucracy of the system, so someone actively choosing to make integration even harder is the kind of behavior we need to stand up against.

We'll let you know about the updates soon. 🤝

New role announcements:

Recently employed Herizoners 💼 Congrats 🎉

  • Sooyeon Choi at Shook Digital
  • Chiara Montecchiari at Gambling.com Group
  • Ivana Curcic at International Tampere Skills Center
  • Faglul Raihan at CSIT Finland Oy
  • Uyen Tran at Vaadin
  • Daniela C at Relex Solutions
  • Yelizaveta Babina at Startup Refugees

Need new talent to your team?

Our services: Staffing / Internship / Market Research / Growth Hacking Internship

Reach out to merikaisla@herizon.io or viivi@herizon.io and let's talk! 

Greetings from Herizon community members!