Herizon Community Newsletter 4/2024

While we let that simmer, I’d love to invite you to check out what we’ve been up to and what’s yet to come this month and beyond.

Herizon Community Newsletter 4/2024

Hello new and old friends! This past month we’ve surpassed 600 members in our community 🤯

While we let that simmer, I’d love to invite you to check out what we’ve been up to and what’s yet to come this month and beyond 👇

Help us understand your skills better 💜

We’ve just launched our new community application and skill mapping tool at join.herizon.io

If you haven’t yet, we ask you to go walk through the new flow which involves filling in your past experience, language skills and preferences related to job search.

This will help us keep our member data base up to date and to match people better with relevant opportunities. 💪

Entrepreneurial job search strategies

We'll get to learn from Irene Puerta Uusitalo's experience seeking employment in Finland and how applying an entrepreneurial mindset to their search gained them more interview opportunities and ultimately helped secure employment in one of Finland's biggest growth companies, Relex Solutions. 

Join today's event here. 👈

In May we’re getting amazing opportunity to dive into marketing analytics with Supermetrics’ Lead Consultant, Bartosz, and Marketing Data Solutions Specialist, Milja at their beautiful office in the heart of Helsinki.

This event is limited to 40 participants so if you’re a data-driven marketer or an analytics and data fan book your spot asap!

Link to the event is here. 👈

Recently employed Herizoners 💼 Congrats 🎉

  • Monica Häikiö at TELUS international
  • Marika Laine at Slush Bilboa
  • Arseniiy Kapshtyk at Wunder
  • Marius Monkam at City of Vantaa
  • Maheswari Gunasekaran at Nordea
  • Yassine Kaddouri at Yellow Method
  • Phat Dau at Holu
    Did we miss someone, need to correct info or you've gotten a job? Message Viivi and let us know! 💜

Herizon events 

Upcoming events:
1. ONLINE New community member onboarding (event link)
2. ONLINE How to apply entrepreneurial mindset to job search with Irene Puerta Uusitalo (event link)
3. F2F Supermetrics x Herizon: Dive into marketing analytics (event link)
4. ONLINE LinkedIn boot camp for personal branding (event link)
5. ONLINE Speaking Finnish together (event link)
6. F2F Weekly co-working sessions at Oodi Library (event link)
You'll find community events at our community space in Mighty Networks under "Events" on the left-hand side menu bar.

Thanks for being part of Herizon and remember, you are awesome!

-Viivi Marttinen, Head of Community and Talent.